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New series on puppy and dog care Dog Food
Saltwater footbath training for a dog and training video
Housebreaking Tools & Crate Training part 2
Housebreaking and Potty Training part 1

dog training can civilize the animal in your companion

All of the dog trainers on the Adaptive Dog Training® team are dedicated to helping people get the most out of dog ownership through our pet and owner training programs, booklets, tapes, seminars, and this web site.

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dog behavior seminar in
Taiwan February 17 2002

teaching therapy dog new behaviors (Labrador Retriever mix) that will work in hospitals
Dog training team doing some therapy dog training for human stroke recovery program.

training puppy to stay in its bed - cattle dog Puppy training can help you answer these questions

  • What is the best age for bringing a new puppy into its new home?
  • What are common house breaking problems?
  • What are some things you can do for a young puppy who bites

Our dog development programs can help you make the special pet in your life a well behaved companion.

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Dog Training and Door Manners free dog training tip 1 how to teach your dog to go out the door with eloquence and grace **PLUS FREE BONUS VIDEO

Interactive dog games, dog puzzle games, and dog training Some Questions

Dog training, the importance of art and of the systematic process

Dog training in Los Angeles

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I sincerely hope that my discoveries will help you create a really wonderful relationship between you and your pet.

Lets all work towards making the world a better place for dogs, and their owners

I feel that in the process of learning how to accept and understand our pets we can learn how to live better lives.

By closely observing animals and developing the ability to understand these little miracles, we can better understand life, our own behavior, other people, and the cultures we live with

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dog birthday party

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